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Things to Pay Attention to When Buying Watches!

When buying a watch, there are many factors need to take into consideration. There is such misunderstanding that people tend to

judge a heuer aquaracer watches by its

price. The higher is the price, the better is the watch. Actually it isn’t always true. Watches of high quality are not always

so expensive. And likewise, watches of
lower price are not necessarily to be inferior in quality. In all, price isn’t the sole gauge in judging the quality of a

watch. There are still many factors have a bearing on the quality of a watch. Here in this article I will introduce
what need to see to when buying a watch.

Firstly, we have to check the appearance of the tag heuer monaco v4 watch. The appearance of a watch
consist of frame, watch mirror, index dial and fingers. As to its frame, you have to see to that there is no scratch on it; and

then the watch mirror, it should be bright and has no spot or tarnish on it; as to the fingers, they should be well fixed and

have proper space among each other.

Secondly, we have to test the sensitivity of the tag indy 500 watch. The method is as following: shake a watch that is unwound and stop working, if the

second hand stops moving in short time, it indicates that the watch is highly sensitive and vice versa.

Thirdly, we have to check the location and distance among watch fingers. Proper space should be left between watch fingers and

watch mirror or index dial, or among the watch fingers. It is because abrasion will affect the functioning of
the watch.

Fourthly, we have to check the winding mechanism of the hermes women watch. Generally speaking, it is easy to wind up a watch. When you can’t wind it further, it

means the watch is wound to the full or that the winding mechanism is well functioning. But if the watch squeaks when you wind

it up, it means there is something wrong with the winding mechanism.

And lastly, in case of the watch stops working after buying it, you have to consult the seller about the after-sale service.

This is also very important.