Getting Started

Publishing your blog is easy and free

Creating your blog with GorgeousBoys takes just a few easy steps. In a matter of minutes you can start posting text, photos, videos, and more to your blog. Post as often as you want; it’s free.

Simple-to-use interface

Follow a few basic steps to start posting to your blog. Our simple-to-use interface lets you change fonts, bold or italicize your text, adjust text color and alignment, and more. As you compose each new blog post, GorgeousBoys saves it automatically, without interrupting your typing. There’s also an easy-to-use spell-check feature and a simple way to add labels to your posts. In addition, GorgeousBoys includes an HTML editor that lets you fully customize the look and feel of your posts.

Your free website

When you create your blog, you can host it for free on  Just choose an available URL and you’re ready to go. ( If you change your mind and want a different URL later, making the change is easy. GorgeousBoys also includes a custom domain option; you can have a domain name, like, and we’ll still host your blog there, giving you all of GorgeousBoys great features.

Customize your template

You can choose from many templates for your blog; simply pick the one that best fits your needs. In addition, you can customize your blog’s design using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can also add powerful gadgets such as slideshows, user polls, or even affiliate ads. Changing the fonts and colors on your blog is easy too. If you want more precise control over your blog’s layout, you can also use the Edit HTML feature.

Add photos and videos to your post

You can easily add a photo to your blog post by clicking on the image icon in the post editor toolbar.  Adding a video to your post is just as easy; just click on the film-strip icon on the post editor toolbar to get started.

More Features

Develop your community

Let your readers follow your blog by adding the Followers gadget to your layout. With this gadget, your readers can click the “Follow This Blog” link to add your blog to their Dashboard and  or Google Reader account. They also have the option to add their image and profile to your blog to tell the world that they’re a fan.

Feedback from your readers

It’s easy for readers to leave comments on any of your blog posts, giving you useful, timely feedback. They can leave comments right below the post, in a pop-up window, or on a separate page.

New post notifications

Your readers can choose to subscribe to your blog’s feeds, so they’re notified whenever you publish a new blog post. You can also customize what’s shared in your blog’s feed, and set up your blog to email new posts automatically to specific email addresses or mailing lists.

Languages of the world

GorgeousBoys is currently available in 41 languages including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian speakers can use GorgeousBoys with Right-to-Left display and formatting. And transliteration is available for five Indic languages.

Advanced Features

Posting on the go

GorgeousBoys has many additional ways for you to post to your blog. You can post to your blog from your mobile phone or through a secret Mail-to-GorgeousBoys email address. With these options, it’s easy to post to your blog whenever you want, from wherever you may be.

Group blogging

With GorgeousBoys, it’s easy to create a team blog, allowing multiple bloggers to contribute to a single blog. You select which team members have administrative authority and those who are just authors. You can also choose to make your blog private and restrict who can view it. This puts you in full control of your blog.

Third-party applications

You can choose among a host of third-party applications that integrate with GorgeousBoys to make it even easier for you to blog. You can import your blog form any other hosted or self hosted blogging program directly from the interface.

Even more features…

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